The Bar Practice Course (BPC), previously the Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC), is the qualifying postgraduate course allowing graduates to prepare and practice as barristers in England and Wales. It is the vocational stage of training, which you’re required to pass before you can go on to complete the final, practical stage of training; pupillage.

For those students who go to the UK to enroll in the BPC, DCBT is offering such students the opportunity to enroll with the DCBT for tutorial guidance for any academic or vocational course of the BPC. Students can study virtually with IBA Legal Skills Forum faculty through its state of the art VLE portal and complete their course effectively and secure the top bands. Students have the flexibility to enroll in any course which they feel difficulty studying and will be given online access for that course on the IBA Legal Skills Forum VLE Portal.

BTT Curriculum

The BTT consists of two sections – Part A and Part B:

Part A

(Academic Components)

Part B

(Professional Components)

The BSB has the discretion to grant specific exemptions on some or all the exams of Part A of the curriculum, after assessing the academic background and prior experience of the student as an advocate in Pakistan. An applicant who holds a law degree from the UK or a Common Law Jurisdiction, such as Pakistan, may usually not be required to pass the Academic Component sections of the BTT.

DCBT will facilitate all prospective students with information and guidance on how to apply to the BSB for seeking exemptions; and paying any relevant fees. As stated earlier, the power to grant exemptions rests solely with the BSB. We would however highlight that DCBT has successfully assisted multiple students in securing the relevant exemptions in the past and complete the BTT program successfully with some students also getting a complete exemption from Part A and B and directly securing a call to the Bar.

Fee Structure

1Criminal Litigation and SentencingGBP 300/-
2Civil LitigationGBP 300/-
3Professional EthicsGBP 300/-
4Criminal and Civil AdvocacyGBP 300/-

* payment shall be made through online modes.

Admission Process

Students enrolled in the BPC program in any UK University can apply by:

  1. Filling the application form;
  2. Uploading relevant documents including their offer letter or other proof of admission in the BPC program of any UK University; and
  3. Interview with the Programme Director; and
  4. Payment of the IBA Legal Skills Forum Fee.

Admission Form