The BTT is a test offered by BPP University on behalf of the Bar Standard Board (the “BSB”). The BTT is a unique test designed for advocates who are licensed to practice in the courts in Pakistan to transfer to the Bar of England and Wales.

The BSB is the regulator of barristers in England & Wales and regulates the enrolment and conduct of the barristers. The BSB has the power to exempt qualified lawyers from the Academic, Vocational and/or Professional stages of training for the Bar of England and Wales. This ensures that an enrolled lawyer in Pakistan can become a Barrister, subject to clearance of the BTT.

The BTT consists of centrally assessed modules comprising academic components and vocational components. The BTT consists of written papers and oral assessments. In addition, those candidates sitting the Advocacy assessment are required to attend a compulsory training course at the BPP University, before undertaking the assessment.

DCBT offers tutorial guidance for the BTT through experienced barristers, lawyers, lecturers with professional experience. Students must register directly with BSB and BPP University. In addition to completing the BTT, students need to be a member of one of the Four Inns of Court in the UK to be called to the Bar. Students apply directly to one of the Inns for membership and attend Qualifying Sessions at that particular Inn in accordance with the guidelines provided by the Bar Standards Board. Along with providing tutorial guidance, DCBT will facilitate all students with information and guidance on registering for the BTT at BPP University, securing relevant exemptions from the BSB, visa documentation, applications to the relevant Inns etc.

After taking the tutorial lectures and exam preparation classes at DCBT, students proceed to the UK to sit for the centralized exams conducted by BPP University on behalf of the Bar Standard Board.

We would like to highlight that DCBT is not in any manner affiliated or authorized by the Bar Standards Board or BPP University in respect of the BTT – DCBT is only assisting students in provision of tutorial guidance in respect of completing the BTT and facilitating students in completing the relevant formalities in respect of seeking exemptions and enrolling in the BPP University in accordance with the guidance provided by the relevant authorities. No liability is assumed for the grant of exemptions and the timelines in respect thereof as this is at the sole discretion of the BSB.

BTT Curriculum

The students in our program will be prepared for the professional components of the Bar Transfer Test (BTT).

Professional Components

The BSB has the discretion to grant specific exemptions on some or all the exams of Part B of the curriculum, after assessing the prior experience of the advocate in the court rooms of Pakistan.

Exemption applications may take anywhere between 12 to 16 weeks, As per the Bar Standards Board.

Eligibility Criteria

Prospective applicants should have the following credentials:

Fee Structure

A student will have to pay the IBA Legal Skills Forum fee which covers the tutorial and application handling assistance.

The fee structure for IBA Legal Skills Forum for the entire BTT course for the academic session 2023-2024 shall be as follows:

Tuition Fees * Rs. 480,000
Installment Plan Available ** Rs. 240,000 First installment Rs. 240,000 Second installment

* Please find attached the fee payable to BPP University, BSB and Inns of Court. Download here

** If a student is required to give additional subjects such as Opinion Writing, Drafting, Legal Research and Conferencing, they will be taught free of cost to the candidate.

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Admission Process

Prospective applicants should complete the following first, in order to apply to the BTT at IBA LSF:

Virtual Learning Environment and Hybrid Learning

Since the BTT program is pursed by qualified lawyers, the classes at IBA Legal Skills Forum are scheduled in the late evening and over the weekends so students can continue their practice whilst studying. IBA Legal Skills Forum has also designed a state of the art virtual learning portal which enables students from all over the world to study online, access the various class recordings, practice tests and mock exams, get individual feedback and seek any other assistance to complete the BTT program without attending physical classes. DCBT does not only cater to students in Karachi but all across Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia and even the United Kingdom.

Admission Form